MPO studies Florida Avenue, Tampa / Highland Streets

Working closely with the City of Tampa and FDOT, the MPO is evaluating various alternatives for the one-way pair of Florida Avenue (northbound) and Tampa/Highland Street (southbound). The study area is roughly from I-275 to Hillsborough Avenue, serving the historic Seminole Heights and Tampa Heights neighborhoods. The evaluation of the alternatives will consider:

  • Safe access between Downtown and surrounding neighborhoods for transit users, walkers, and cyclists
  • Corridors functioning as a “main street” and commercial district
  • Continuing to function as a regional transportation corridor
  • How well the configurations contribute to the City’s public realm

What we’ve learned so far, looking at the roadways today is that there are fewer people driving than there were 10 years ago. For example, on Florida Avenue south of Palm Avenue, the number of vehicles per day has declined by about 10%. Other observations show that on paper, there are complete sidewalks for almost the entire study area. But when taking a closer look, the conditions are less than ideal for walking and cycling:

Recent Sidewalk Conditions
Florida Avenue Sidewalk Florida Avenue Sidewalk

Stay tuned for more on this exciting project when three alternatives are identified and an evaluation of each conducted. The study should be wrapped up by the end of December 2015.

For more information contact Gena Torres at 813/273-3774 x 357 and visit the project webpage for updates.