Transportation (TPO Staff)

TPO Staff includes transportation planners, traffic modelers, demographers, urban designers, and other planning professionals. Under the direction of Beth Alden, TPO Executive Director, the diverse skills of the staff ensure that transportation priorities are coordinated with land use, economic development, and regional and statewide plans for all modes of surface transport.

Beth Alden, MPO Executive Director

Beth Alden, MPO Executive Director

Beth Alden, AICP, Transportation Planning Organization Executive Director, Leads an award-winning team of planners with a long-range vision of a transportation system that is safe and efficient for all, coordinates meetings of the Board, Policy Committee and Tampa Bay TMA Leadership Group, 813/547-3318

Cheryl Wilkening, Executive Assistant, Assists the TPO Staff with administrative and office support duties, 813/756-0371

Gena Torres, TPO Assistant Director, oversees External Relations and leads the TPO’s Active Transportation Team – Complete Streets, Vision Zero, Health & Design, Bicycle, Pedestrian and Transit planning, 813/665-1357

Allison Yeh, AICP, LEED GA, TPO Assistant Executive Director, manages work program delivery, serves as the agency’s coordinator for resilience, sustainability, environmental screening and leads the team for the UPWP, Grants, Transportation Disadvantaged, and Transportation GIS, 813/582-7351

Johnny King Alaziz Wong, PhD, Executive Planner, Project Manager for the Transportation Improvement Program; staff to the Surtax Independent Oversight Committee (IOC) & the Citizens Advisory Committee and leads the Data & Analytics team, 813/699-7370

Lisa Silva, AICP, PLA, Principal Planner, Coordinates the TPO’s Livable Roadways Committee and is responsible for planning for complete streets, school areas, tourism, and goods movement.  Liaison to Tampa International Airport and Port Tampa Bay,  813/665-1329

Wade Reynolds, AICP, Principal Planner, Responsible for plans and projects related to walking, bicycling, regional and local trails, and health impact assessments, and coordinates the Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee., 813/793-2361

Elizabeth Watkins, AICP, Principal Planner, Coordinates multimodal transportation level of services analysis, responsible for transit studies, and serves as the liaison to HART and TBARTA., 813/582-7382

Roger Mathie, GIS Project Manager II, Produces maps and geography-based data analysis for all the TPO’s jurisdictions and for the eight-county West Central Florida region served by the Suncoast Transportation Planning Alliance (SCTPA), 813/565-9352

Amber Simmons, Budget and Grants Coordinator, Produces and manages the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP), and develops and coordinates grants for Plan Hillsborough and our planning & community partners., 813/547-3379

Joshua Barber, AICP, Planner II, Civil Rights Officer, ADA Coordinator, staff liaison to Transportation Disadvantaged Local Coordinating Board., 813/576-2313

Vishaka Shiva Raman, Planner II,  Handles Transportation Improvement Program amendments and data collection and analysis for “state of the system” reports and long range transportation needs, 813/793-2350

Connor MacDonald, Planner I, Processes TIP amendments, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and assists with performance measures, 813/946-5994