MPO Regional Coordination & Best Practices Research

The Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority (TBARTA) is managing a project known as the MPO Regional Coordination and Best Practices Research study. The project aims to provide a single preferred option for improving coordination and cooperation among MPOs, FDOT districts, local and county governments, and regional transportation entities, including TBARTA and the TBARTA MPOs Chairs Coordinating Committee (CCC).

The study builds on the May 2017 Collaborative Labs workshop on regional transportation planning that was sponsored by the Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco MPOs. Since then, FDOT has provided funding for independent research into national best practices, and TBARTA has procured a prominent consultant to conduct the research.

A study management team has been assembled as a non-voting, advisory group to help guide the study, ensure the right questions are considered, and relevant data collected. The team includes the MPO directors, and representatives from TBARTA, the Urban Land Institute, Tampa Bay Partnership, and Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council. Meetings of the group are held monthly, are open to the public, and are announced on the TBARTA website calendar.

The project is scheduled for completion in December 2018, and will provide information to elected officials to assist in making decisions on improving the regional planning process and outcomes for Tampa Bay. In addition, the study will examine the feasibility of merging the Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco MPOs into a single regional MPO.  Ultimately, any changes in MPO Board composition or geographic area are up to each respective MPO Board to decide, and to reach agreement with the Governor.

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