MPO endorses crash reduction strategies

In March, the MPO Board received a study on strategies to reduce crashes on some of Hillsborough County’s most heavily-traveled roads.

One way to alleviate traffic congestion is to make it less unpredictable by reducing the frequency and severity of crashes which can cause delay and a host of other social and economic impacts.  Another way to improve the system’s overall efficiency is to provide alternatives to sitting in traffic by shifting trips to non-single-occupant modes. This study addressed both objectives.

The study evaluated the county’s crash history and found that over half of the severe crashes were occurring on a relatively small number of major roads and intersections. Bicycle and pedestrian crashes were also over-represented, the study found. The worst locations were identified and creative strategies identified that could effectively reduce the types of crashes occurring. Some of the recommended strategies include modern roundabouts and “quadrant intersections” to divert traffic around congested and dangerous intersections. The study recommended evaluating the feasibility of crash reduction strategies at:

  • Fowler Avenue
  • E Hillsborough Avenue
  • Brandon Boulevard
  • Waters AvenueConceptual_PedestrianFriendly
  • Dale Mabry & Waters Intersection

For more information on this study and crash reduction strategies, please contact:
Gena Torres
813/273-3774 x357

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