MPO encourages school transportation safety with new developments

school kids crossing the street in a crosswalkMarch 2021 – This month, the Hillsborough MPO is highlighting two new developments in school transportation safety: the School Traffic Circulation Committee’s (STCC) new webpage and Hillsborough County’s Safe Routes to School grant application.

The STCC focuses on creating solutions for student transportation safety issues within Hillsborough County. It evolved from the Hillsborough MPO School Transportation Working Group (STWG), a previous collaboration between the Hillsborough MPO and Hillsborough County Public Schools.

For the Safe Routes to School grant, Hillsborough County applied for $8 million to make school transportation safety improvements based on recommendations from the 2018 Hillsborough County MPO School Safety Study. If awarded, the County will use the funds to make improvements at Leto High School, Pierce Middle School, and Alexander Elementary School.

“It’s very rewarding to see the MPO study be used for funding to save lives,” Lisa K. Silva said. A principle planner for the MPO, Ms. Silva previously served on the STWG.

“It’s also good seeing that the STCC, born out of the MPO’s working group, will continue coordination with the launch of its website.”

Individuals who are interested in school transportation safety issues can tune in on April 14 for the Hillsborough County BOCC’s public workshop. During the meeting, decision makers will discuss the opportunities and challenges of school transportation safety in Hillsborough County.

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