MPO Board to focus on 2045 Plan in 2018/19

May 2018 – On May 1, the MPO Board approved the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) for the next two fiscal years FY19 and FY20.  During this time, the MPO will be conducting an update of the Long Range Transportation Plan through the year 2045 and continuing to develop the five year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). Along with these required activities, the MPO also has included several major projects requested by our local jurisdictions and communities, including:

  • Traffic Counts in Hillsborough County and the City of Tampa
  • Multimodal Saftey reviews based on the PO’s School Saftey Study
  • Trail Feasibility Studies in Temple Terrace between USF and Temple Terrace and a proposed Canal Connector Trail in Plant City
  • Subarea study of the Florida Strawberry Festival Special Use District in Plant City
  • Various HART Infrastructure and Technology Planning activities including a bus top assessment study, Cashless fare pilot study, Hyperlink Service update and the update of the HART ITS master plan
  • Vision Zero Action Plan implementation
  • Garden Steps – Connecting Community Gardens with transit/walk/bike facilities

The MPO’s fiscal years mirrors the State fiscal years starting on July 1st of each year and ending on June 30th the following year. Federal law requires the UPWP define the transportation planning activities and products to be developed by the MPO and other transportation planning agencies. It is the basis for allocating federal, state, and local funds for long-range transportation planning activities within Hillsborough County.  In addition to these highlighted projects, the MPO required activities in its work program in the areas of transportation planning management, systems & corridor planning, long-range transportation planning & data collection,  public participation, and local and regional coordination and planning.

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