MPO Advisory Council Recommends Paying Per Mile

congested_highwayImagine paying for every mile you drive… Every mile driven to work, the grocery store, or a night on the town gets taxed. The concept isn’t so farfetched. A statewide transportation advisory group is asking the State Legislature to begin moving Florida toward a system requiring people to pay for every mile they drive.

In the past year, Florida’s Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council (MPOAC) released a two-year study to find a way to pay for the state’s future transportation needs. Long-term, it said the state could no longer rely on the gas tax, which pays for Florida transportation projects like maintaining roads, widening highways, and subsidizing public transportation.

The influx of high-mileage cars – which cause the same wear and tear on streets and roads as any other car – means money from gas taxes are declining to the point that the MPOAC estimates there is a $74 billion shortfall to pay for needed transportation projects in the state’s metropolitan areas. Instead, the state should seriously consider a mileage-based user fee, a system that would track the miles residents drive and charge them about 2 cents a mile, according to the study. If implemented, the gas tax would be eliminated.

For more information, see complete article, courtesy of the Sun Sentinel..