Missing Middle Housing was the focus of April 2020 Info BBQ

Missing Middle Housing presentation thumbnailMore than 50 people participated in the Planning Commission’s first virtual Info BBQ (Brown Bag Quarterly) on April 13, 2020. Our guest speakers Elizabeth Abernethy, AICP, Director of Planning and Development Services, and Derek Kilborn, Urban Planning & Historic Preservation Division Manager, shared the new zoning category allowing “Missing Middle” housing types along transit corridors in the City of St. Petersburg. View the Info BBQ webinar.

Following the webinar, Derek Kilborn graciously provided documentation of the text amendment and land development regulations, as well as more many photographs of missing middle housing in the attached presentation:

Comprehensive Plan Text Amendment (LGCP 2019-02)

This report was the document set presented to St. Petersburg City Council, amending the City’s Comprehensive Plan to accommodate “Missing Middle” housing types. While they intentionally avoided use of the term “Missing Middle” in our land development regulations, the term was included in their Comprehensive Plan for consistency with the Countywide Plan Rules.

Land Development Regulations (LDR 2019-05)

This approval created a new zoning category. The final step in the process is to apply the new zoning category to the City’s Future Land Use Map and Official Zoning Map. This action has been delayed due to the COVID-19 shutdown.


During the presentation, Derek Kilborn referenced different variations of their slideshow. The slideshow, prepared for Forward Pinellas in 2018, demonstrates that “Missing Middle” housing has a long history in the City of St. Petersburg. (Colored photos are within St. Petersburg; black-and-white photos are not.)