Local Equity Work and Reports

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The Hillsborough County Children’s Board published a preliminary report to identify priorities and issues for their long-term comprehensive plan for addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in Hillsborough County. See the February 2021 report here: Children’s Board Racial Equity Investment Committee Report on Community Conversations

Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission has created several Concentrations of Poverty reports. See the 2018 report here: Trends Report: Concentrations of Poverty 1970 to 2016. See the updated 2020 concentrations of poverty data report here: 2020 Concentrations of Poverty Storymap

The Tampa Bay Partnership developed a regional racial equity report in 2020 which can be viewed here: 2020 Regional Racial Equity Report

The Office of Health Equity of the Department of Health in Hillsborough County developed a Health Equity Profile for Hillsborough County in June 2020 which can be viewed here: Hillsborough County Health Equity Profile 2020

The Hillsborough County Social Services Department developed a community needs assessment report which can be viewed here: 2019 Hillsborough County Community Needs Assessment