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By 2045, Tampa will see over 108,000 more residents, 77,000 new homes, and 258,000 new jobs within the City limits. Together, we can turn the challenges that come with growth into opportunities for a thriving future. It’s time to update the City of Tampa’s Comprehensive Plan through 2045. As part of the update, the community’s input lays the foundation for a vision of Tampa’s future.

The Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission, in coordination with the City Planning Department, is overseeing a multi-phased, multi-year plan update that will lead to in-depth revisions to the Tampa Comprehensive Plan through the 2045 horizon year.

View Tampa’s current 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

Update Schedule

The additional Sections of the Comprehensive Plan will be added to the schedule as they come forward for updates.

Phase 1

  • Vision Public Engagement and City Council Approval
  • February – July 2022
  • Completed

Phase 2

  • One Water: Comprehensive Planning for Water Resources Section Update
  • August – December 2022
  • Completed

Phase 3

  • Environmental & Sustainability and Mobility Section Updates
  • Fall 2022 – Fall 2024
  • Completed

Phase 4

Phase 5

  • Future Land Use, Coastal, and Housing Section Updates
  • Spring 2023 – Summer 2025
  • Ongoing

Vision Statement and Themes

Through the Comprehensive Plan Vision Survey, open from February to June 2022, the public shared what they felt were the most important areas for the plan to address. After analyzing the community’s input, these vision ideas were redefined into an overarching Vision Statement and Vision Themes.

Adopted by Tampa City Council at their July 28, 2022 meeting, the Vision will serve to provide a framework for each Section of the Tampa Comprehensive Plan.

Survey responses

Vision Statement and Themes

Tampa is an inclusive, sustainable, and resilient city; where the natural environment, historic character, and a diversity of cultures enable a vibrant setting for all.


All residents have equitable access to a high quality of life and opportunity, regardless of background.

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The community and its neighborhoods have unique identities that reflect the rich history and cultural diversity of Tampa.


Neighborhoods are complete with a variety of housing types, services, and jobs within a walkable environment.


The natural environment, water resources, clean air, and open space are valued and protected.


Transportation is safe, accessible, connected, and convenient.


Resiliency enables the community to recover from and mitigate the effects of climate change, extreme weather events, and other hazards.


Land and public resources are used efficiently, and infrastructure is reliable and connected.


Housing options are available for all income levels and households.


A diverse economy provides opportunities for everyone.

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