Live Grow Thrive 2045: Tampa Comprehensive Plan Update

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The Vision Survey was open from February to June 2022 and is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated! View survey results here.

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By 2045, Tampa will see over 108,000 more residents, 77,000 new homes, and 258,000 new jobs within the City limits. Together, we can turn the challenges that come with growth into opportunities for a thriving future. It’s time to update the City of Tampa’s Comprehensive Plan through 2045. As part of the update, the community’s input lays the foundation for a vision of Tampa’s future.

The Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission, in coordination with the City Planning Department, is overseeing a multi-phased, multi-year plan update that will lead to in-depth revisions to the Tampa Comprehensive Plan through the 2045 horizon year.

View Tampa’s current 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

How do you see the future of our community?

This plan and its vision guide how we build the places in which we live, work, and play. This plan sets priorities as we address our economy, housing, transportation, environment, and everything that influences how we live in Tampa.

2045 Vision Statements

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Building on previous city-wide projects, important themes have emerged from citizen feedback. The ideas presented below are the first step in planning for Tampa’s future. The public weighed in on these ideas by participating in our Vision Survey, open from February to June 2022. The survey results can be viewed here.

After analyzing the community’s input, these vision ideas were redefined into an overarching Vision Statement and Vision Themes that will guide the update to Tampa’s Comprehensive Plan.

This redefined plan vision will go before the Planning Commission on July 11 and to Tampa’s City Council on July 28 where they will be considered for adoption by resolution. The Vision will then inform the framework for the individual Sections of the Plan as it is updated in a phased approach.

Further opportunities to provide feedback are forthcoming as we update sections of the Comprehensive Plan.


A sense of place and community:

Embrace and support the rich history, cultural diversity, and unique character of our neighborhoods across our vibrant city.

A mix of uses along complete streets:

Continue creating neighborhoods with easy access to jobs, goods, and services with a variety of ways to get to them.

Housing and transportation choices for all:

Prioritize the creation of housing and transportation choices that serve people across all incomes, ages, and needs.


Value and protect our natural environment:

Prioritize clean air and water, and protect our natural environment, so we can continue to enjoy the health and economic benefits of our natural assets.

Efficient use of land and resources:

Ensure that, as the city grows, land is developed in a sustainable way to conserve public resources.


Accessible and sustainable infrastructure:

Invest in infrastructure that provides all citizens access to reliable services and amenities.

Diverse economic growth:

Support a diverse economy that provides a variety of jobs and opportunity for everyone.

Resilience to climate-related and other global hazards:

Prepare to withstand, recover from, and adapt to changes in environmental, economic, and other global events.

Opportunities to Get Involved

There will be other opportunities to weigh in on each section of the Comprehensive Plan coming soon!

Watch the May 4, 2022 Virtual Public Meeting

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