Know before you fly your drone!

Drone_airborne_jetIt’s hard to keep up with the latest fad – pet rocks, Elmo, boomboxes – add leaps and bounds in technology, and your head will spin. The new must-have gift? Not a phone or gaming system…a drone. The Federal Aviation Administration expects one million drones will be sold by the beginning of 2016…yes, one million, and increasing with time. There are drones for drone races, drones outfitted with thermal cameras for search and rescue operations, drones for police surveillance, drones use for agriculture use, and one company that claims it’s building a drone delivery system, like Amazon prime, but for e-commerce companies.

As many things before – calculators, computers, iPhones, PlayStations – there are safety and security concerns with having drones hovering in the skies. The FAA is developing regulations starting with registering drones over a certain weight and providing guidelines for owners. Also, check out Tampa International Airport’s tips and flying restrictions.