IOC holds first meeting

September 2019 – The long-awaited inaugural meeting of the Transportation Sales Surtax Independent Oversight Committee (IOC) was held on Tuesday, August 27. Committee members made introductions, received background information about transportation planning, and handled administrative tasks. The group’s official actions included adopting the bylaws. The IOC members also elected Sean Shaw as the committee’s Chair and Chip Fletcher as the Vice Chair.

The IOC’s next meeting will take place on Monday, September 23 at 6:00p at 601 E Kennedy Boulevard, in conference rooms A & B on the 26th Floor of the County Center. During this meeting, the IOC will complete a mock review of agency project plans. In addition, they are scheduled to establish a process to review citizen-initiated transportation projects.

The IOC was created to oversee spending of the penny surtax for transportation and implementation of the projects identified in each Agency’s Project Plans. Hillsborough County residents voted to pass the penny surtax in November 2018.

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