Intelligent Transportation System Master Plan Update (2013)

The Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO) Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Master Plan was first published and adopted in 2005. The ITS Master Plan has not been updated to reflect changes in the ITS program, technology, inventory of systems and infrastructure, ITS architecture, and current transportation, mobility and safety challenges and issues along existing and planned ITS deployments within the region.

Before expending resources on an update, however, the MPO wants to determine the purpose and usefulness of the Master Plan from the perspective of regional key ITS stakeholders. Therefore, this task conducted a survey of key ITS stakeholders to determine and document local needs, objectives and critical issues. This report serves to document the results from these surveys. Having laid the groundwork, the MPO’s intent is to use the results from this task to determine the next steps in development of an updated ITS Master Plan to serve as a guide to further development of regional projects and guide the MPO in the allocation of Federal and State funding for future ITS projects.

ITS Master Plan

ITS Master Plan Appendices