Innovative resiliency study featured at Climate Change Conference

Beth Alden on resiliency panelNovember 2019 – On Friday, November 1, MPO Executive Director Beth Alden participated on the transportation panel, one of four panels represented at the Science, Strategies and Solutions: Addressing Climate Change in Tampa Bay conference.

Beth addressed the need to preserve critical roads from severe-weather inundation. “We’ve inventoried and prioritized the vulnerable roads, estimated the costs of strategies like shoreline protection, toughening pavement, raising road height, and expanding stormwater ponds, and factored those costs into the new long range transportation plan,” she said.

The event was hosted by the USF STEM Collaborative. Top leaders from the area and from afar discussed suggestions to address climate change in Tampa Bay. Other panel topics included extreme weather events, the built environment, public health, and social justice.

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