Initial findings on the East Rural Agricultural Reserve

August 2018 – Based on direction from the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), Planning Commission staff recently completed a draft analysis of the adopted Goals, Objectives and Policies related to the rural area and agricultural uses in the Comprehensive Plan. The study area is generally south of SR 60, north of the Manatee County Line, and outside the Urban Service Area. An inter-agency staff group collected and analyzed numerous data sets to determine how the area has changed over the last ten years. Some of the draft East Rural Agricultural Reserve Initial Findings include:

  • The Comprehensive Plan goal of 80% of growth occurring in the Urban Service Area (USA) has been met with 90.4% of building permits issued within the USA
  • Rural character in this area has been stable
  • Much of the decrease in land dedicated to agriculture has been due to conversion from agricultural to mining activities
  • Although there’s been a reduction in agricultural lands, agricultural production value over this period has increased
  • Plan amendment trends show increased pressure along the Urban Service Area boundary in this area to increase densities to between 1 and 4 units per acre

These initial findings will be presented in the future to the BOCC for direction on potential next steps. For further information, please contact Pedro Parra at 813.273.3774 x356.

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