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Planning Commission adopts new Mission, Vision, & Strategic Plan

1464The Planning Commissioners unanimously adopted the 2014 Planning Commission Strategic Plan at their April 14th meeting. “This new strategic plan is a departure from our agency’s past and changes the culture of our organization. It really reflects the user-friendliness we strive for in our agency,” said Melissa Zornitta, Assistant Executive Director of the Planning Commission. “This was developed through a series of staff focus groups and a Commissioner retreat with our four client governments facilitated by consultants, The Profitable Group.”

“The Planning Commission is an unbiased organization… the ‘connector’ among city/county, community and neighborhoods come together and set the foundation and solid footing for planned growth,” said Planning Commissioner Stephanie Agliano. “The Planning Commission’s responsiveness to the public is one of the greatest strengths,” said Brian Holland. The new vision, mission, values capitalize on our strengths and our desire to build and thriving future and a solid legacy for Hillsborough County.


The Planning Commission promotes, coordinates, and facilitates the involvement of all people in the long range planning and vision for our community to improve economic development, quality of life, and provide value-added services.


The Planning Commission is the recognized subject matter expert on planning. People are confident in the innovative leadership that has contributed to the creation of a thriving, prosperous community that provides opportunity, fairness and choice in how we live, move, learn, work, and play.


  • Integrity/Trust
  • Servant Leadership
  • Transparency
  • Stewardship
  • Innovation