Independent Oversight Committee Purpose & Members

The Independent Oversight Committee (IOC) was created to oversee spending of the penny surtax for transportation and implementation of the projects identified in each Agency’s Project Plans. The main functions of the IOC are to:

  1. Ensure a transparent process by reviewing an annual audit of the surtax proceeds to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and statutes;
  2. Approve Agency Project Plans on an annual basis;
  3. Prepare an annual report to the Hillsborough County Clerk and each Agency presenting the results of the annual audit process and any findings made; and,
  4. Review any projects proposed by citizens for inclusion in an Agency’s Project Plan, and forward them to the appropriate Agency for consideration.

The IOC is guided by a set of bylaws which govern the performance of committee members and ensure a commitment to the principles established by the Hillsborough County Charter.

On September 18, 2019, the Hillsborough County BOCC adopted County Ordinance #19-20, which reinstates the Use, Allocation and Distribution of Transportation Surtax Process formula. Please click this link to read Ordinance #19-20.

Please click this link to read the Final Judgment made by Circuit Judge Rex Barbas on July 9, 2019.

The IOC consists of at least 12 Hillsborough County residents who are appointed by a governing or administrative body. Members serve at the pleasure of the appointing body on a voluntary basis, without compensation, for up to three years.

IOC members:

  • Chair Sean Shaw, appointed by HART Board of Directors
  • Vice Chair Chip Fletcher, appointed by Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC)
  • Vanetta Kilpatrick, appointed by Hillsborough County BOCC
  • Audrey Sullivan Moore, appointed by Hillsborough County BOCC
  • Robert Hunter, appointed by Hillsborough County BOCC
  • Arthenia Joyner, appointed by Mayor, City of Tampa
  • Rick Fernandez, appointed by Tampa City Council
  • Jay Hollenkamp, appointed by Mayor, City of Plant City
  • Dan Aprile, appointed by Mayor, City of Temple Terrace
  • Dustin Lemke, appointed by HART Board of Directors
  • Manuel Menendez, appointed by Hillsborough County Clerk of Circuit Court
  • Ray Chiaramonte, appointed by Hillsborough County Property Appraiser
  • Dan Raulerson, appointed by Hillsborough County Tax Collector

The text of the Hillsborough County Transportation Charter Amendment approved by voters on November 6, 2018 can be found here.

The six agencies receiving surtax funds have entered into an agreement confirming the roles and responsibilities of each. The agreement calls for administrative and other required support to be provided to the IOC by the Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), and legal support by the Hillsborough County Attorney’s Office. Read the Transportation Surtax Charter Amendment Interlocal Agreement here.

Tasks supporting the IOC in carrying out its duties, and tasks to assist the Agencies with planning, development, and data analysis now appear in the MPO budget and work program. The MPO added the Sales Tax Draft Budget FY20 to its Unified Planning Work Program to describe this use of surtax proceeds.

The four local governments and HART will submit Project Plans to the IOC according to the process approved on August 27, 2019. A handout outlining the process can be found here.