Imagine 2040 Working Group grapples with future alternatives

Imagine2040_workshop01After speaking loud and clear “our community needs clear vision” at the first Imagine 2040 workshop, the working group dug into the future alternatives that will ultimately build a clear vision for our region. The second interactive workshop kicked off one simple question…

Transportation, jobs and the economy, and quality of life priorities dominated the responses to “What is the most important thing to you when thinking about the future of Hillsborough County?” Some responses are pictured above. Some of the others are listed below:

  • Education and job growth that retains local talent and sustains the economy
  • A viable transportation system as the backbone for future growth and development
  • Having a great downtown
  • Mobility as I grow old and can not drive
  • Protect environmentally important lands
  • Open space / agriculture
  • To be able to get around the community relatively easily without needing a car
  • Move the urban service area along major corridors such as I-4, I-75, HWY 60

Working together in small groups, our ‘planning imagineers’ then plunged into the pros and cons of various Imagine2040_workshop02growth strategies on future alternatives for our region. In three rounds, outward growth similar to recent decades, infill and redevelopment focused around transit, and new job centers on major corridors were the topics at hand. Lines drawn on maps reflected how each growth strategy will affect where people will live, work, shop and play.

Ideas were flying across the tables on the strengths, weaknesses and what could be added to enhance each future alternative.

Imagine2040_workshop04Ideas generated by the Imagine 2040 Working Group will be incorporated into three future alternatives that will ultimately be presented to all of the businesses and residents in Hillsborough County later this year. More results from the workshop will be featured in the next issue of Beyond Today and posted online at: