I-4 Economic Corridor Study (2009)


The economic development of the I-4 Corridor provides opportunities for Hillsborough County to attract specific industrial sectors to employment centers at appropriate locations. However, for his accomplishment to take place, certain land use strategies must be implemented as a catalyst for new development by certain industries. In reviewing the potential site development options, the concepts within Option 6 provide for the most flexibility in the use of land within the Corridor to achieve the objectives of the Study. In order to have a thriving employment environment along the I-4 Corridor there should be a variety of development opportunities so as to attract the preferred target industries to the Corridor. The challenge for Hillsborough County is to provide a planning  framework in which the local small businesses as well as target industries can be located within the Corridor and maintain compatibility with the surrounding neighborhoods. Option 6 will provide reasonable assurance to the Corridor’s residents that new development will quality development and employment economic benefits to the citizens of Hillsborough County.

Final Report 07-16-09