Housing Section of the Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan update to explore revising Affordable Housing Density Bonus

neighborhood outside of downtown Tampa with skyline in the distanceJuly 2021 – Establishing policies that will provide housing for all residents, regardless of socioeconomic background, is a significant factor in planning for a community. To meet the changing needs of the County, the Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission is currently updating the Housing Section of the Unincorporated Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan Update (the Plan) along with a revision to the Affordable Housing Density Bonus (AHDB). Recognizing the importance of updating the AHDB, the Planning Commission has selected a consultant, Tindale Oliver, to conduct research and provide recommendations.

Currently, if a developer meets certain criteria and commits to providing affordable housing, they may apply for a bonus to increase the allowable dwelling units per acre on a subject site. This generally means that more housing units can be built on a given site, and is a tool used across the country to incentivize the development of affordable housing.

At their workshop on June 9, the Planning Commission heard from the consultant on the current criteria to qualify for the AHDB, and reviewed feedback from local government peers, conducted through interviews by the consultant, who have instituted their own density bonuses. Lastly, the Planning Commission was provided concepts for consideration to improve this valuable tool and engaged in a discussion on affordable housing strategies in Hillsborough County. This input, as well as continued interviews with community groups and affordable housing developers, will be integral to the update of the AHDB and Housing Section. Opportunities for the public to provide feedback will be coming in Fall 2021.

For more information on the Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan update, visit the project page.

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