Hillsborough to have 600,000 transportation disadvantaged by 2040

Transportation DisadvantagedThe MPO has almost completed the 2014 Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan (TDSP) for Hillsborough County. The Plan is updated each year to ensure that programs and services keep pace with the needs of the elderly, disabled and low income populations who cannot transport themselves. A combination of the County’s Sunshine Line and private contractors provide curb to curb service.

This year’s update, for example, forecasts that Hillsborough County’s TD population will reach 591,664 people by 2040. This will generate more than a million additional trips and require the Sunshine Line grow by an additional 28 vehicles by 2040. The Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board oversees the TDSP and implementation of services. The Board has asked that this year’s update includes the costs of providing additional service to include work, education and recreation trips.

The Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board will review the TDSP at their June 27th meeting. For more information contact Michele Ogilvie at 813.273.3774 x317 or ogilvime@plancom.org.