Hillsborough Rides – September 2016

US_DOT_SealSupporting Performance-Based Planning and Programming through Scenario PlanningFHWA released a new Performance-Based Planning and Programming through Scenario Planning Guidebook… and the Imagine 2040 was one of three case studies highlighting best practices from around the country. Imagine2040 was recognized for a land-use vision linked to transportation; offering a number of investment packages; and asking the public to weigh in “using performance metrics to illustrate different scenarios for the future lets people choose the level of investment they think is right,” said Executive Director Beth Alden. “For example, our current spending on bus service gives access to about 16% of people and jobs in our county. Doubling our spending on bus service could give access to nearly two thirds of our people and jobs.” Peruse the guidebook for greater detail on how scenario planning can lead to sound analysis, and redirecting funds to achieve community targets.