Hillsborough County Procedures Manual Update

Project Overview

Cover of the Hillsborough County Procedures Manual

The Hillsborough County Procedures Manual is a document that guides the process of plan amendments. Planning Commission staff is in the process of amending the existing language of Hillsborough County Procedures Manual to provide clarity to the plan amendment process. The Procedures Manual was last revised in 2016 and since that time there has been state legislation and other actions that have triggered a need to amend the Hillsborough County Procedures Manual. We are seeking feedback from the public on the proposed revisions.

Phase 1

Virtual Public Meeting

Thursday, May 26 | 5-6:30 pm

Phase 2

Planning Commission Briefing

Monday, June 13

Phase 3

Final Planning Commission Meeting

September 12, 2022

Phase 4

BOCC Land Use Meeting

October 11, 2022

Public Engagement

Public Meetings

Watch the May 26 Virtual Public Meeting

Watch the June 13 presentation to the Planning Commission

Watch the September 12 presentation to the Planning Commission

Watch the October 11 presentation to the BOCC




Past Presentations & Events

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