Have your say about the future!

Imagine2040_workshop01What does a good transportation system mean to you? The MPO has heard a lot of answers from citizens over the years — everything from “please fix the pavement” and “why can’t the traffic signals tell that I’m waiting?” to high speed ferries and automated people-movers.

In this year’s update of our community’s long range plan for transportation, we’re bundling these many ideas together and measuring their performance. What are we investing in pavement and bridges, and is it enough to keep the bridges from falling down? (Don’t worry, the short answer to that last question is yes!) Are we spending enough on bus service, so that hospital workers can count on a ride home after the late shift? Is it safe for students (and parents!) to cross the road to get to school– and how do we fix that, if the answer is no?

And when it comes to job growth, are we doing everything we can to help the economic rebound? Are there strategic investments that would make corporate parks and business districts less traffic-clogged and more attractive to major employers?

Right now, the MPO is crunching the numbers to allow you to look at the trade-offs. Last fall, more than 3500 of you weighed in on our Imagine 2040 interactive survey. This summer, we’ll have a new survey asking you to look at those numbers and tell us what what you believe we should invest in as a community. What is most important for our future?

Now is a great time to invite us to your civic group, community association, or business group. We’d be happy to present what’s on the drawing board, answer questions, and listen to your ideas on important topics like funding priorities.

Please email Lisa Silva or call 813/273-3774 x 329 to request a presentation or visit Imagine2040.org this summer to have your say!