HART Maintenance Feasibility Study (2017)

Hillsborough Area Regional Transit service area covers approximately 1,000 square miles in Hillsborough County, FL. The existing Operations and Maintenance facilities are located at 4305 E. 21st Avenue, Tampa, Florida. HART services its entire bus fleet of almost 200 vehicles, which includes various sized transit buses and paratransit vehicles, at this facility. With current overcrowding of the existing facility and the anticipated expansion of the fleet, HART is considering a new satellite facility that would service 200 vehicles (a combination of new vehicles and existing vehicles from the 21st Avenue site). The new site would be comprised of a combination of standard transit vehicles and para-transit vans. Fueling for all new vehicles is planned to be CNG. The joint MPO/HART study will provide HART with basic “Order of Magnitude” programming and budget information for the proposed new operation and maintenance facility project. The project is needed to accommodate current and future needs of the transit department for Operations and Maintenance Facilities.

HART Operations and Maintenance Feasibility Study – Final Technical Memorandum

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