HART app answers question: Where’s my bus?

HARTline_appHART recently launched a much-anticipated free app called OneBusAway Tampa. The app delivers up-to-the-minute details to transit riders, using GPS technology to tell them exactly where their bus is and if it is running on time.

Sheryl Laxson, who has used HART for many years as her main source of transportation, volunteered to help test the app during the pilot program phase. “The link that I was given to download OneBusAway worked great,” reports Laxson. “I also was able to go to Google Play on my tablet and easily found and downloaded the app for that device.” She says the app was especially useful during recent thunderstorms because if her bus was delayed she could seek shelter indoors. “The app takes some of the guesswork out of situations where the bus may be stuck in traffic, there’s a detour, or is just running a little late,” Laxson explains.

Local worker and student Christopher Guerrero also tested the app. “It allows for individuals to better schedule their time,” he says. In fact, the first time Guerrero used the app, it told him he had three minutes to catch his bus. He hurried to his stop, got there in time, and saved a full 30 minutes on his commute that day.

OneBusAway Tampa has also improved call response times at HART. When a customer calls in to inquire “Where is my bus?” they can now get an answer within a matter of seconds. Customer service does not have to interrupt dispatch by calling them, so efficiency and service are both significantly enhanced. But once the app is launched to the public, HART patrons will have direct individual access to this real-time bus location data.

Information provided courtesy of HART. Call 813-623-5835 for more information.