Gornto Lake extension relieves traffic around Brandon mall

LakeGornto_roadHillsborough County’s opened the Gornto Lake Rd Extension to traffic last month.  County spokesperson Steve Valdez said that county officials had not expected the road extension to be completed until October or November, but with no need to adjust traffic during construction, “We’re coming in way early, and it’s so nice.”

This is great news if you hate the holiday traffic near the Westfield Brandon shopping mall. If it’s a short-cut you seek from State Road 60 in Brandon to Bloomingdale Avenue and ultimately to US 301 in Riverview, this is good news for you too. Now you have a straight shot from Brandon Boulevard (SR 60) to Lumsden Road, then on to Bloomingdale Avenue and to US 301, using the Duncan Road/Krycul Avenue segment.

“It’s nice to have another north-south roadway that goes so far, for motorists to take,” Valdez said in an earlier interview. “This will be a new north-south connector that’s been badly needed.”

As for what this will mean for the vacant lands at the southwest and southeast corners of Gornto Lake Road and Town Center Boulevard, expect to see more stores and offices, with sale or lease arrangements being sought by the Eshenbaugh Land Company on behalf of Westfield.

As for the Gornto Lake Road extension, Valdez said it completes Gornto Lake Road work that began some 10 to 15 years ago with the development of the area.

“When Providence Lakes was built, part of the development plan was they had to build a part of the road,” Valdez said. “And then when another development came, they had to build a part of the road [and so on]. The last part of [the road construction] was left up to us to do.”

With the county’s work done on the road extension, he added, “you will be able to go from the Home Depot on US 301 all the way to State Road 60.”

At a cost of $3.95-million, Hillsborough County officials constructed 0.738 miles of a four-lane divided roadway with turn lanes, “from south of Brandon Boulevard to approximately 800 feet south of [Brandon] Town Center Boulevard.”  Construction started in October 2012 and was expected to take “365 calendar days.”

Content reprinted with permission of the Brandon Patch.