Freight & Goods Movement

slider-goods-movementIn cooperation with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), the MPO’s in the region participate in the Tampa Bay Regional Goods Movement Study.  The purpose of the study is to identify major freight transfer centers and the roadway facilities that serve them.  The information in the study will help the MPO’s identify major freight corridors and help in the planning of needed improvements.

The goods movement study also lists a number of “hot spots” that were identified by truck drivers as problem areas for moving freight.  These “hot spots” include intersections with inadequate turn radii to accommodate truck turns, lack of turn signals where trucks have to turn left across several lanes of high speed traffic, unsafe railroad crossings, and other conditions that create problems for large trucks.

Information from the Goods Movement Study is used by the MPO to prioritize roadway and other projects for the use of Federal and State transportation funds.  Projects that improve freight corridors or address “hot spots” are given a higher priority score than those that do not.  The composition of the MPO Board and MPO Technical Advisory Committee reaffirms the importance of goods movement thoughout Hillsborough County with the inclusion of voting members from both the Port and Aviation Authorities who provide input on freight related issues.