Getting kids to school safely

December 2017 – An early collaboration of the MPO and School District was a high school student video contest to inspire safe walking, biking and driving through peer-to-peer messaging. The resulting videos were amazing, and we’ve recently learned more good news! The impactful winning video, submitted by Blake High School’s Ethan Huggins and Zuriel Cousin on crosswalk/pedestrian safety, won a national Award of Recognition in the “Best Shorts Competition” over the summer. Congratulations to these budding filmmakers!

More recent work of the MPO, School District, and other School Transportation Working Group partners, has focused on roadway conditions around schools. Currently on-going, the MPO’s School Transportation Safety Study identifies ten school areas that need detailed reviews of safety and access. These detailed reviews will in turn identify opportunities to enhance the safety and comfort of getting to and from school.

Schools were chosen for detailed reviews based on: crash history, student age, proximity to bus stops, presence of a crossing guard, amount of lighting, condition of existing multimodal facilities (like sidewalks), potential for use of public transit to access schools, the concentration of non-bused students in the immediate area, presence of transit-dependent communities, location and size of school speed zone, the number of students impacted by the elimination of non-funded busing, and other pertinent data.

View the draft map of the “Top Ten” priority schools that will receive detailed reviews of transportation safety.  Comments can be sent to Lisa Silva.

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