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Can we share rides to work in a carpool or vanpool?  Can we live close enough to our jobs to walk or ride a bike to work?  Do we invest in rail transit?  We need your help in deciding  what’s important.

We want to hear from you.  Learn more from this website, or follow the Hillsborough MPO on twitter, or send us an e-mail by clicking on Contact Us above.

It’s Your Community – Get Involved!

Joy of Looking Ahead to 2035 – Citizens Guide to Transportation Planning

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2035 Plan – Chapter 2 Public Engagement

2035 Plan Post Referendum Analysis

Phase I – Focus Group Summary & Analysis (April 2011)

Phase II – Focus Group Summary & Analysis (Jan. 2012)

Phase II -Focus Group Findings on Hypothetical Funding Scenarios (Nov. 2011)

Phase III Public Opinion Survey Results (August 2012)