Gandy Connector Concept (2013)

slider-gandy-connector-conceptThe MPO sought the public’s opinions on the Gandy Connector, an idea for an elevated, 2-lane toll road in the center of Gandy Boulevard.

In the Spring and Summer of 2013, staff  brought information to the Policy Committee addressing the motion which was passed by the MPO Board to consider removing the Gandy Elevated Connector from the Long Range Transportation Plan. The Committee  discussed emergency evacuation and an analysis of traffic patterns under different roadway system changes.  The final piece included gathering an understanding of the public’s preferences.  Please see the information below.  A public opinion survey was developed which asks questions about the Gandy Connector.

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Gandy Connector Public Opinion Survey Results

Does this look like a good idea?

  • Connect Gandy Bridge and Selmon Expressway
  • Divert through traffic, reducing ground-level traffic up to 35%
  • Could ease hurricane evacuation
  • NOT yet funded and NOT yet scheduled to be built

For assistance with the Gandy Connector Survey please contact Lisa Silva at or 813/273-3774 x329

Visit the Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority’s Gandy PDE Study page for further project information.

Gandy Connector Public Opinion Survey Results