Tampa CP : Chapter 1: Livability and Choice (with Forward and Table of Contents)

The plan provides a framework for a Livable future and a strategy for directing growth in the City of Tampa over the next 20 years. It recognizes that as a city approaching build-out, Tampa’s future is about rebuilding and urbanizing, about “growing up” because we have limited opportunities to grow out. It is not a synthesis of previous plans; it is a new plan for a new city.

The vision of the Plan is about creating an attractive and safe city that evokes pride, passion and a sense of belonging – a city where everybody cares about quality of life. The strategy for Tampa’s future focuses growth where it can realize the greatest social, environmental and economic benefits. Some parts of the city, will mature and evolve but will see only limited physical change.

Tampa Comprehensive Plan – Forward, Table on Contents, and Chapter 1