Fond farewells June 2019

June 2019 – This month, we’re saying goodbye to two employees who’ve worked with the Planning Commission/Plan Hillsborough for a combined total of 60 years of dedicated service. Steve Griffin, Strategic Planning Initiatives Team Leader, and Beverly Daniels, Senior Planning & Zoning Tech, have been leaders in our agency and in our community. Both will be deeply missed in their retirements. We asked each to leave us with some parting words regarding their professional experience here with us…

Steve Griffin | “Since 1990, I have had the privilege to work for the Planning Commission/Plan Hillsborough. During those years I have served under three Executive Directors and been a part of an amazing group of talented planners. Over the years, I have seen many changes to Hillsborough County most of which I think have been positive and brought excitement and new opportunities to the County. Most of my time with the Planning Commission has been devoted to land use planning in the unincorporated County with a short period involved in the City of Tampa. This has given me the chance to meet with many elected officials, business leaders, and citizens. It has also been a pleasure to serve the people of Hillsborough County and have been afforded the chance to learn and grow professionally. Of the many experiences I’ve had, my most memorable is the time spent was during Zoning Conformance. This process provided me the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of unincorporated Hillsborough County from a land use perspective, as well as meet many different people, make new acquaintances and friends, and experiencing many adventurous field trips. Additionally, I learned so much about the development of Hillsborough County and the diversity of its residents. For all of this, I will be forever grateful and thankful for my life and time at the Planning Commission/Plan Hillsborough.”

Beverly Daniels | ” The Planning Commission afforded me 31 and 1/4 years of opportunities to serve the citizens of Hillsborough County, with my concentration being mostly in the city of Tampa and a few years with Plant City and Temple Terrace working with rezonings, plan amendments, and numerous comprehensive plan updates. My most memorable years were working with the residents during the Neighborhood Plan process. By really listening, understanding, and working side by side during the round-table discussions, we were able to embrace what the community wanted and needed for their neighborhood. I do not take for granted the knowledge I’ve gained, the experiences and opportunities, the people met from various walks of life, and how the decisions made during these years have made me a better person by serving those encountered with respect and compassion.”

Thank you, Steve and Beverly, for the difference you’ve made in our community and in our lives! We wish you nothing but happiness and great health in your retirements.


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