FDOT taps Dr. Johnny Wong to join Source Book Technical Team

FDOT Source Book coverJuly 2020 – Dr. Johnny Wong, MPO Principal Planner, was invited to participate in the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) Source Book Technical Team to discuss methodology changes. The team is coordinated by the FDOT’s Forecasting and Trends Office, located in Tallahassee. The Forecasting and Trends Office coordinates with its customers to update the Source Book through extensive outreach with FDOT Districts, MPOs, and Central Office program offices. The group will work on the update of the FDOT’s Source Book which focuses on improving safety, enhancing mobility, and inspiring innovation.

The Source Book can be considered a manual for transportation statistics. It is updated and published annually and reports statewide information for all modes of transportation – auto, bicycle, pedestrian, transit, rail, air, sea, space, and freight – so that we can assess how the state is performing in each area. The sourcebook tracks more than 100 data points covering mobility, safety, infrastructure, and economy.

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