FDOT summit focuses on safety

FDOT Safety SummitFDOT District 7 held the Fourth Annual Safety Summit on March 5, 2014. It was well-attended with public officials, engineers, planners, health field representatives, and law enforcement. The Safety Summit:

  • Provided FDOT and local staff with key information on traffic safety issues in the Tampa Bay region
  • Briefed local partners on strategies to reduce crashes throughout the region, highlighting successes that include Walkwise Tampa Bay’s safety eduction program and Hillsborough County’s safety improvements for walkers on Fletcher Ave
  • Focused on state and federal safety funds dedicated to local projects under FDOT’s Highway Safety Improvement Program, including:

  • Over $500,000 annually in local project design support (including projects managed under the Local Agency Program, or LAP)
  • More than $1,000,000 annually in local roadway safety engineering & education support (including Community Traffic Safety Team education, Safety Ambassadors, and LAP support)
  • Over $2,000,000 annually in local roadway safety project funding targeting intersection safety, pedestrian safety and rural lane departure problems
  • Reached a consensus on ways to strengthen the safety partnership between FDOT and local agencies.

For more information, contact Gena Torres at 813-273-3774 x357.