FAQs About the Metropolitan Planning Organization

What is the Metropolitan Planning Organization, and what does it do?

The Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization, also known as the MPO, is a transportation policy-making board comprised of representatives from local government and transportation authorities.  The MPO is responsible for establishing a continuing, cooperative and comprehensive transportation planning process for Hillsborough County, according to federal and state laws.  To learn more about the MPO, click on About Your MPO.

When does the Metropolitan Planning Organization meet, and can I come?

The Metropolitan Planning Organization normally meets the first Tuesday of the month on the second floor of the County Center Building.  Meetings are broadcast on HTV22. Please see the calendar for dates located on this web site in the Meetings & Events section. All meetings are open to the public and generally provide time for public comments.

What is the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)?

The LRTP is a collective effort to address the development of a community-wide transportation system over the next 20+ years.  The Plan proposes a balanced transportation system, taking into account considerations such as personal mobility, growth management, regional economic development, neighborhood preservation, environmental concerns and citizen participation.  The goals are consistent with the policies established by local agencies and jurisdictions.  For more information, click on the LRTP under Publications & Maps.

What is the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)?

The MPO develops an annual Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) that identifies and prioritizes projects over the next five years.  These projects generally come from the LRTP.  Improvements to services and facilities identified in the TIP include roadways, transit, aviation, bicycle and port facilities, to name a few.  For a look at the most recent TIP, visit the Publications & Maps section of this web site.

Is a road in my area going to be widened?

The Long Range Transportation Plan contains information on affordable roadway improvements over the next 20 years.  The Transportation Improvement Program contains information on committed roadway improvements to be made over the next 5 years.  Click on Publications & Maps to view all maps and documents or contact us for more information.

Who decides when and where a road gets built?

Generally, elected bodies such as city councils, the Board of County Commissioners, and the Florida Legislature adopt programs to fund specific projects.  To determine who, you can download a copy of the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP).  The Hillsborough County MPO is responsible for the continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive transportation planning process throughout Hillsborough County and is comprised of a board of elected officials from local governments and transportation agencies.

What is the traffic count on a specific roadway/count station?

Traffic counts record the number of vehicles using the roadway.  Most traffic counts are made by the local governments or the Florida Department of Transportation, and are used to evaluate the level of service of a roadway, or to plan for improvements or resurfacing.  The traffic count process may extend over one day or several days.  Click on Traffic Counts to view more information.

If I don’t or can’t drive, what options are available to me?

Transportation choices depend heavily on where you live and your travel destination. The MPO and the Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board guide and coordinate transportation services with the goal of improving mobility for children at high risk, the elderly, persons with physical or mental disabilities and the economically disadvantaged. The Transportation Disadvantaged Ride Guide is a publication to assist those who need information about transportation options. It can be downloaded from this site from the list of Other Publications under Publications & Maps.

Where are the best locations to ride my bike?

The Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee is currently working on updating the Bicycle Suitability Map for Hillsborough County.  If you would like to request one of these maps please contact Michele Ogilvie at 813/273-3774 or ogilviem@plancom.org.