Expanded outreach for TIP amendments

approved graphicAugust 2022 – On August 10, the TPO Board approved three amendments to the Public Participation Plan (PPP), increasing transparency and engagement opportunities for amendments to its Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP).

Updated biennially, the PPP outlines practices and policies that govern how the TPO engages with the public. The approved amendments include:

  • New engagement strategies involving press releases, mailers, road signs, and social media posts
  • An excerpt about how the TIP now indicates when projects cannot be removed
  • A disclaimer that some proposed TIP amendments may call for a 14-day public review period, rather than a 21-day public review period, due to extenuating circumstances

The TPO based this year’s update on recommendations from the 2022 Measures of Effectiveness Report and a pilot program that increased public engagement strategies for TIP amendments. The PPP’s approval came after discussions by the TPO Board, Citizens Advisory Committee, and Technical Advisory Committee.

Even the public weighed in with a few suggestions. Christopher Vela, a resident of Hillsborough County, wrote in to recommend the TPO keep its notification period for TIP amendments. Two other community members also made comments on the plan.

The TPO Board approved the PPP amendments at its meeting on August 10, 2022. To view the presentation for the amendment and the updated Public Participation Plan, visit tinyURL.com/TPOppp. For questions and comments, contact Davida Franklin at franklind@plancom.org or 813-565-9379.

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