East Hillsborough Avenue Study recommends safety measures

Median improvementsAs a result of a county-wide review of severe crashes, the MPO recently studied East Hillsborough Avenue in more depth. Nearly half of all crashes in our county occur on roads like Hillsborough Avenue, major urban thoroughfares with many driveways and side streets. Crashes on these types of roads are more likely to result in serious injuries or even fatalities. For example, a one-mile stretch of E Hillsborough Avenue between Nebraska Avenue and 22nd Street accounted for 38 “severe injury” crashes over five years.

Besides the huge benefit of a safer neighborhood, reducing crashes also cuts down on traffic delays.

Short and mid-term recommendations include:

  • Better marked crosswalks
  • Crosswalks spaced no more than 1/4 mile apart
  • Shorter waits at traffic signals (reduced cycle lengths)
  • More time to use signalized crosswalks
  • Bikeways on parallel streets
  • Increased street lighting for better visibility
  • Street trees, which tend to reduce speeding

Longer-term recommendations include:

  • More turn lanes at the I-275 interchange
  • Consideration for converting a lane to use by buses and right-turning traffic

Implementing the recommendations will surely help residents and employees in this area safely get to transit stops and other destinations where people work, play, go to school or shop along East Hillsborough Ave.

For more information, visit the website or contact Gena Torres at 813/273-3774 x357.