East Hillsborough Avenue Corridor Study (2013)


East Hillsborough Avenue, roughly from Interstate 275 to east of 50th Street, was identified through the Congestion Management/Crash Mitigation Process studies as an important multimodal corridor with persistent safety and mobility issues. East Hillsborough Avenue is an essential roadway for residents to access jobs, businesses, churches, and schools, as well as for commuters and delivery trucks traveling along the corridor.  In addition, HART proposes to add east-west MetroRapid service on East Hillsborough Avenue.

The purpose of this study was to assess conditions for all modes of travel and develop short and longer-term treatments that balances the needs for every person traveling along the roadway, reduce the frequency and severity of crashes, support the economic development vision for the corridor, and are consistent with the values of the community.

The recommendations included low-cost solutions as well as longer-term improvements that would directly benefit the safety and economic vitality in the area.

East Hillsborough Avenue Corridor Study – Final