E Fowler Avenue Land Use Study gets feedback from property owners

March 2019 – On February 7, property owners adjacent to East Fowler Avenue were invited to provide comments on Planning Commission findings in the East Fowler Avenue Land Use Study discussing future land use options along the corridor from I-275 to the Bypass Canal just east of I-75. Participants at the meeting included four of the largest property owners. The open house included presentations on the:

  • Strategic mission and vision statements of area anchor institutions, including the Tampa Innovation Partnership Executive Board
  • Research of comparable Innovation Districts in the U.S.
  • Current background conditions data

The Draft Background Report was presented: East Fowler Avenue Land Use Study (Draft).

The land use study report’s recommendations were discussed as to how they could affect individual properties. The property owners supported the vision that includes the following recommendations:

  • The Cities of Temple Terrace and Tampa and Hillsborough County include the portion of the E Fowler Avenue from I-275, up to and including the intersection North 56th Street, as a “special study area” in each respective adopted Comprehensive Plan.
  • Future land use designation changes along the corridor are to be considered by the Cities of Temple Terrace and Tampa and Hillsborough County to change existing designations to urban level mixed use categories that support the long-range vision for the corridor. The report contains a summary of interviews of members of the !p Executive Board and property owners adjacent to and within 300 feet of E Fowler Avenue that reinforce support of the urban mixed use development options. Desired options are detailed in the Executive Summary of the report.

Study recommendations will be presented at the April Planning Commission regular meeting. The Findings and Recommendations Report will then be forwarded to the Cities of Tampa and Temple Terrace and Hillsborough County, where the report recommendations will ultimately be implemented. Subsequent steps include amendments to the respective, adopted Comprehensive Plans to ensure a common vision for the common corridor across the three jurisdictions to guide future decisions about growth and infrastructure.

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