District 7 is keeping busy!

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) recently shared three studies with the MPO looking at the possibility of widening sections of state roads that have been on a waiting list for quite some time. FDOT District 7 has been interested in moving these forward, as a matter of fact, the US 92 PD&E Re-evaluation Study has evolved from a previous study completed 20 years ago.

Project Overview Map

Project Overview Map

Today’s traffic conditions and the economic recovery makes looking at the widening of US 92 from 2 to 4 lanes a more feasible option now. The section stretches from I-4 to our eastern neighbor, Polk County. The study shows that not only will traffic move better, but crashes can be reduced with safety features like medians, sidewalks, and buffered bike lanes. This project is also recognized in the MPO’s Imagine 2040 Transportation Plan.

Another roadway getting attention from District 7 is US 301 in two different segments. One of these segments is a 3.3 mile stretch from Adamo Drive to I-4. The study looks to widen from 4-lanes to 6-lanes. The second segment of US 301 studied for widening is from Fowler Avenue to the proposed SR 56 just over the Pasco line. This 13-mile segment would take it from it’s current 2-lane configuration to 4-lanes. Although this study is not a far along as the other segment of US 301, there is heightened interest as development continues to our north.

Project overview mapUS 301 Widening
Project overview mapUS 301 to Pasco County Widening

Neither of these projects are currently funded beyond the initial planning study.