Dear Livable Roadways Committee:

Subject: Livable Intersections — Tampa’s new 22nd St Roundabout

LivableRoadwaysCommittee_logoOn the topic of “Livable Intersections,” I wanted to call attention to Tampa’s new low-speed one-lane modern roundabout on 22nd St.

If you drive around it a few times and glance at your speedometer, you’ll notice your vehicle speed is probably about 15mph or even less. You’ll find it hard to go much over 17mph. Such low speeds at intersections are a gift to all users of the roadway system:  children, oldsters, pedestrians, bicyclists, skaters, and persons with disabilities, as well as able-bodied drivers in their prime.

The FHWA says that modern roundabouts reduce fatalities by “more than 90%.  This is huge.

At the roundabout ribbon-cutting ceremony, Mayor Buckhorn said “It’s all about economic opportunity, creating complete streets that serve everyone, and transforming a community.”  Click to read the Tampa Tribune TBO article.

The new edition of the FDOT Florida Intersection Design Guide includes a new Chapter 7 with strong support for roundabouts.*  FDOT provided funding for the 22nd Street roundabout.

Carmel, IN, has built a modern roundabout for every 1,000 residents.  Carmel’s motivation is quality of life.  With about 7 roundabouts constructed so far, Tampa has got a start on closing the gap to the 347 needed to achieve roundabout parity with Carmel.

Ken Sides, PE, PTOE
Resident, Old Carrollwood

“Roundabouts shall be considered the preferred option at intersections where the total projected (design year) entering traffic volumes are up to25,000 vehicles per day (vpd) for a single-lane, and up to 45,000 vpd for a two lane roundabout.”