Database update important link to Bike/Pedestrian Safety

 Bicycle Pedestrian Safety Street GuidesWith the Tampa Bay region recognized as one of the most deadly areas for pedestrians and cyclists, the Hillsborough MPO is taking steps to change that.

One such project underway is updating the pedestrian and bicycle database. The database is an inventory of currently existing infrastructure that caters to pedestrians and cyclists. For instance, it identifies whether a road facility has bike lanes or not, the prevalence of parallel parking,  the width of any existing sidewalks, and a dozen other roadway features. With this data the MPO will be able to determine the level of service provided to pedestrians and cyclists on every road in the county.

The database will help to identify missing links in the network and sites for new investment to create a safer, more connected network. This project changes the way planners and engineers think about pedestrians and bikes and gives them higher priority in the planning process.