Comprehensive Mobility Proposal

TED logoThe Transportation for Economic Development (TED) Policy Leadership Group’s (PLG) first met formally in May 2013. Many organization have been working collaboratively with the TED PLG, including the County, the Cities of Tampa, Temple Terrace, and Plant City, HART, the Hillsborough MPO, FDOT, the Expressway Authority and the Planning Commission, to evaluate and study:

  • A broad spectrum of transportation investments
  • Key economic spaces and competitive sites
  • Potential funding sources
  • What citizen and other stakeholder groups are saying

The videos below represent a starting point for a conversation with the residents and businesses across Hillsborough County:

Comprehensive Mobility Proposal (Overview)
Comprehensive Mobility Proposal (Overview Draft)


Draft Video - Projects and Funding for TED in Hillsborough County
Draft Projects and Funding for TED in Hillsborough County

“This proposal is important because for the first time, elected leaders from all jurisdictions have had a serious discussion of transportation issues and are moving forward with a proposal for the community to comment on,” said Ray Chiaramonte, Executive Director of the Hillsborough MPO and Planning Commission. “This proposal will be the basis for a community discussion; it is not a final plan. Imagine 2040 is a partnership between the Planning Commission and MPO in coordination and cooperation with the TED PLG and the jurisdictions we represent. Together, we want to hear from our citizens, students and seniors, and our businesses in every sector of our county… People who live, work, and play here.”

The Imagine 2040 survey will end after Labor Day and will provide significant input as the PLG moves forward from that point with robust public participation to garner even more detailed information than what is needed for the general Plan 2040 Transportation Plan and Comprehensive Plans. Beyond moving forward with transportation improvements that promote and encourage future economic development, we have an opportunity before us for the greater community to come together to support a thriving future and an improved quality of life for our community.