Community Vulnerability Study begins Phase 2: Mitigation Measures

Community Vulnerability Study meetingFebruary 2020 – The Community Vulnerability Study aids Hillsborough County with meeting local, state and federal planning requirements for the continuous threat of flooding and longitudinal sea level rise. The Planning Commission is assisting the County with managing this study and working with the University of South Florida’s (USF) Florida Center for Community Design and Research and the USF College of Public Health, who are bringing a multi-disciplinary approach to the project. The study focuses on understanding the consequences, impacts, strategies and implementation plans needed to not only meet regulatory requirements but to bolster preparations to save life and property in future times of crisis. At the end of January, stakeholders representing agencies from across the community and local governments met to give input into the second phased of the project, which focuses on developing strategies to mitigate our vulnerabilities.

The objectives for this project include:

  • Meet essential planning and policy requirements for all Florida coastal communities from the Perils of Flood Act (Florida Senate Bill 1094).
  • Meet planning requirements for Florida Administrative Code 27P-22:004. Local Mitigation Strategy reporting annual changes that address at a minimum, changes to the hazard assessment, project priority list, critical facilities lists, repetitive-loss list, and flood mitigation county maps.
  • Leverage mix of faculty and student resources to maximize innovative service delivery with optimal quality of deliverables for public officials.
  • Develop a robust new set of emergency and disaster management risk mitigation plans to lessen the risk of loss of life and property in the event of varying levels of flooding and storm water intrusion.
  • Account for population health and wellbeing for the county’s most vulnerable populations to include: elderly, disabled, homeless, socioeconomically disadvantaged, disabled veterans, children, and refugees.
  • Engage other Hillsborough County stakeholders in the planning process.
  • Consider potential impacts to Hurricane Evacuation Levels A through E and Inland Flooding Areas (areas that fall within the 100-year floodplain but outside the Coastal Planning Area).

The first phase of the project, now complete, assessed the various vulnerabilities of the community to stressors including climate change, hurricanes, and sea level rise. The second phase, now underway, will compile potential mitigation measures. The third phase, beginning later this year, will develop policy changes to address the vulnerabilities and mitigation measures.

See the project page for more information and updates.

For more information contact Shawn College at or 813-273-3774 x367.

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