Community Transportation Coordinator Evaluation (Annual)

slider-ctc-evaluationIt is the purpose of the annual evaluation to ensure that the most cost-effective, efficient, and appropriate transportation services are provided to the entire transportation disadvantaged population of Hillsborough County.

The Hillsborough County MPO’s Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board is tasked with the annual evaluation of the services provided by Hillsborough County’s Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) operator and its contractors. A series of five evaluation criteria is used to evaluate the performance of the CTC: Reliability, Service Effectiveness, Service Efficiency, Service Availability, and Safety.


Draft FY21-22 CTC Evaluation

FY20-21 CTC Evaluation


2020 CTC Evaluation 

2019 CTC Evaluation 

2018 CTC Evaluation

2017 CTC Evaluation

2016 CTC Evaluation

2014 CTC Evaluation

2013 CTC Evaluation

2012 CTC Evaluation

2011 CTC Evaluation

2010 CTC Evaluation

2009 CTC Evaluation

2008 CTC Evaluation

2007 CTC Evaluation