Collaborative water resources planning with Hillsborough County

September 2019 – Water is a significant and interconnected resource; rainwater, stormwater, surface water, groundwater, and wastewater all provide value to our community. Recognizing the interrelated nature of water, Hillsborough County is developing new programs, such as green infrastructure initiatives, to integrate the built environment’s water cycle with the natural water cycle. Additionally, Planning Commission and Hillsborough County staff are working together on the “One Water” approach for future updates to the County’s Comprehensive Plan.

As outlined at the August Planning Commission meeting, this One Water planning involves creating guiding language to maximize water resources and transitioning away from the siloed Elements-based model. Instead, modifications to the Comprehensive Plan will address water-related language holistically, with updates serving as a framework for innovative water resource solutions. We greatly appreciate our project team members from Hillsborough County Public Utilities, Water Resources, Public Works, and Development Services, who continue to be tremendous partners as we refine future updates to the Comprehensive Plan.

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