Coastal Management Section

Project Overview and Scope

The Coastal Management Section serves to update the Coastal Management Element (CME) of the Unincorporated Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan. The Coastal Management Section provides a framework for the protection of natural coastal resources, and human life and property from a natural disaster.

The purpose of the Coastal Management Section is to provide plan and policy direction for development activities in the Coastal Planning Area of Hillsborough County. The Coastal Management Section’s role is to ensure that development in the coastal area does not adversely impact public accessibility to the coast, that adequate public hurricane shelter space is available to coastal inhabitants, that levels of service on evacuation routes are maintained, that water-dependent and water-related land uses are given priority on the coast, and that public decisions will include consideration of coastal hazards in the land use decision-making process.

The language was developed via a cooperative effort with staff from across Hillsborough County government and incorporates feedback from stakeholders.

Phase 1

Development of draft language

Collaborative development process with County professionals, stakeholders including EPC.

Began Fall 2020/Winter 2021


Phase 2

Public and stakeholder review and comment

Phase 3

Recommendation and transmittal

Phase 4

Amendment adoption

Public Engagement

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Future Steps