Unincorp Hillsborough County CP : Coastal Management Element

The purpose of this Coastal Management Element is to provide a plan and policy direction for development activities in the coastal planning area.  This plan and policy direction includes restrictions on development activities where such activities would damage or destroy coastal resources, protection of human life, and limitations on public expenditures in areas subject to destruction by natural disaster.  The objectives of this element are to ensure that development in the coastal area does not prohibit public accessibility to the coast, that human life is not endangered, that adequate public hurricane shelter space is available to coastal inhabitants, that levels of service on coastal evacuation routes do not deteriorate, such that safe and timely evacuation is adversely impacted, that water-dependent and water-related land uses are given priority, that public expenditures do not encourage growth in coastal high hazard areas, and that public decisions will include consideration of coastal hazards in each land use and public infrastructure decision-making process.

Coastal Management Element