Coast hits 10,000 and expands to USF

Coast Bike ShareAt 4:16 pm on July 4th, Coast Bike Share reached a milestone 10,000 members! To celebrate, Coast organized multiple events for the month of July with History Bike Tampa, Pedals and Pints at Ferg’s, and the Blazing Saddles Rolling Scavenger Hunt. Coast also recently rolled out it’s newly update smartphone app, Social Bicycles (for both Android and iOS) featuring a smoother, more intuitive interface and faster refreshing.

Coast will soon launch a 100 bike system at the University of South Florida‘s Tampa campus. Free bike rentals via the Share-A-Bull Bikes program. USF students pay a student green energy fee of $1 per credit hour to assess, plan and reduce energy costs on campus. The green fee, as it’s known, will cover the costs that Coast charges its off-campus members in Tampa. Coast Program Director Eric Trull said, “Ultimately, we’re working to build our system to encompass the entire bay area, creating a cohesive last mile solution for locals who live in work in multiple cities, the college student population that finds themselves on multiple campuses, and the 14.8 million tourists that visit our region each year. It’s important that we offer technology and membership structure that enhances our region, and the travel between our major activity centers.”

Congratulations, Coast! It looks like nothing but smooth coasting ahead!